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Maywood Municipal Pool
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Membership cards must be presented at the entrance gate to gain admittance to the pool.
Membership cards are not transferable. Pool privileges will be revoked for any infraction.
Children 11 years old and under must be chaperoned during their entire stay at the pool by a pool member at least 15 years old.
Children’s memberships are only issued with an adult membership; there are no child only memberships. Childcare providers must purchase a single adult membership, and their employer must have a current pool membership.
Lost or illegible membership cards will be replaced at a cost of $10.00 per card.
Weekly raft night will be posted at the pool. Please check the board at the pool.
Any person with skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge or open wounds will be refused use of the pool. Exceptions may be made with written notification from a physician.
In the event of lightening, thunder or other dangerous conditions, the lifeguard is authorized to close the pool at which time everyone is required to leave the pool complex.
The Maywood Pool is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.
No running at any time.
No animals are allowed in the pool complex.
Baby carriages and playpens are only permitted in the grass area.
Towels and clothing are not to be hung on the pool fencing or umbrellas.
Personal umbrellas are not permitted in the pool complex; umbrellas cannot be reserved.
Bicycles must be left in the bike racks outside the pool complex.
Cutoffs and other street clothing are not allowed to be worn in the swimming pools.
Do not talk to lifeguards while they are on duty, except in an emergency.
Food and beverages are not permitted outside the snack area. All glass containers are prohibited throughout the pool complex.
Smoking, alcoholic beverages and gambling are prohibited in the pool complex.
All posted signs and rules must be obeyed.
All guests must be accompanied by a pool member whose family name appears on the guest card. The pool member must remain at the pool with their guest.
Pool members must be at least 15 years old to bring a guest.
Each family membership can purchase a maximum of 2 guest cards per season. Individual and senior memberships can purchase 1 card per season.
Guest cards will only be punched once for each pool admission. Unused guest card admittances are valid in future seasons. They are not refundable and do not expire.
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